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Terry Scott

Interview on May 14, 2010.

Retiring May 26, 2010

Terry has worked in the Riverbank Unified School district for 35 years.  His back ground includes:
  • 11 years as a 7th grade Social Studies/English Teacher 
  • 12 years as an 8th grade Science Teacher 
  • 12 years as the TOSA Technology 
He has been very involved in the union.
  • Joined RTA in 1984
  • President for 2 years
  • Bargaining Chair from 1986-1998
Possible discussion topics:
Teacher Pay
Merit Pay
Test Scores and Teacher Pay 
Technology in Education
English Language Learners
Program Improvement
Politics in Education
Who should be making educational decisions?
How can we get education right?
What are the roles in education? School Board members, administrators, teachers, parents, students?

Pink Friday Rally March 13, 2009